How to protect your rock chips until you get them filled?

Can the heat worsen my chips?

Extreme heat will cause your chip to spread really quickly, so it is
Important to repair them as soon as possible.

Should I use reflective shades?

Although you want to keep your car cool during the summer, you should not use a reflective windshield shade until the crack or chip is repaired. Reflective shades work in one of two ways: Some shades absorb heat, while others reflect heat. Either option causes more heat to sit on your windshield, which causes your car’s glass to expand. As it expands, the crack or chip can expand.

Slowly cool your car down

During the Summer cars are hot; however, try to avoid blasting the AC to cool off the car because the change in temperature can expand the chip.

Park in the shade

Parking your car directly in the sun is one of the fastest ways to cause a chip or crack to grow. This will cause your windshield to heat up and expand. Try to park in the shade until the chip is filled

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