How Winter Affects your Windshield

Car owners often forget to get the cars ready for winter; however, cold weather can impact your windshield. Therefore, it is important to keep your windshield safe as it supports the structural integrity of your vehicle.

The effects of sudden temperature changes

Apart from debris, cold weather can crack your windshield. Glass is sensitive to temperatures; it contracts and expands. When your windshield is cover with ice DO NOT pour hot water or heat it with extreme heat because it will damage the windshield severely. The best proactive approach is to call us to repair or replace your windshield ASAP.

Clearing Icy Windshields can cause damage

When removing ice from the windshield, always use the proper tools such as ice scrapers instead of knives. Avoid stabbing as this can crack your glass. Scrape horizontally!

Keep washer fluid tank full Address cracks and chips immediately Be careful where you park.

Insurance Assistance

Needing auto glass repairs can be a
hassle in itself; having to deal with your insurance company to get the coverage you deserve can make the process even worse. That’s why it’s important to seek out auto glass repair companies that offer to work directly with your insurance company to get the ball rolling.

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